Friday, 29 May 2015

5 Marathons in 8 weeks, a most excellent adventure!

It's Bank Holiday Friday and unlike most people, my thoughts are firmly on Monday. That's when my next running adventure starts on 'Pana' in Cork (for people unfortunate enough not to know Cork well that's St. Patrick's Street to you). 5 Marathons in 8 weeks in June and July. Never done them so close to each other. Nervous anticipation are the correct words to describe my frame of mind.

Nervous because I know the injuries have only 90% cleared and are still there going into the 5. Nervous because you have to respect the distance. Anticipation because I am really looking forward to it. Anticipation because I love Cork City to bits and am staying on for the Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Anticipation because I like a challenge and want to test my limits. Nervous Anticipation because when this works out (and it probably will) I'll have to figure out a new challenge.

As I mentioned here last week: Only the person who risks going too far can possibly find out how far they can go! 

Cork City Marathon starts at 9am on Monday. The weather forecast is brutal for it. And there is quite a few parts of the race that are in exposed terrain. So I have to prepare for whatever weather greets me at 6.30am that day. It's part of the joys of running, it's an all-weather sport.

It's my 3rd time doing Cork City Marathon and so far I have had 2 of my slower runs here. Let's just see what happens Monday, I'm definitely going to run 'in the flow' as my next Marathon is only 12 days later!!!

During my 5 in 8 and over the next 3 months I am seriously stepping up my fund raising. You and anyone you know can donate to Gorta Self Help Africa on

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