Monday, 4 May 2015

Great Limerick Run race report. Number 5!

I love running! I used to do it. Then I started liking it. Now I just love it. I'm taking 24 hours off after yesterday's race and then I'm going back enjoying it. That's what I said to Eugene Coppinger when I met him and 2 of the Kenyans that came first in the Half and second in the Full in the wonderful George Boutique Hotel after the Great Limerick Run yesterday.

I don't ever feel I have to go for a run, it's now not even I get to go any more. It's that I want to. Because I enjoy it. Because of the peace of mind and Joy attached to it. Because of the energy I get from it. Because of the wonderful people I meet at races. Yesterday again the members of Marathon Club Ireland (MCI) excelled in camaraderie, good humour, persistence and resilience. Because of messages and photo's like this from Ronan Scully from Gorta Self Help Africa whom I am running the 12 Marathons in 12 months in 2015 Challenge for:

'Thank you Patrick Mercie from Ronan in Kenya at the moment...5 marathons down so far....keep it going you legend and thank you for supporting Gorta Self Help are some photos of the people and children you are helping Africa...Thank you so much Patrick...please support Patrick over the next year if you can.... A little can go along way and make a huge difference....'

Today I am in recovery mode and in the office, because if you love what you do and you have a WHY that is big enough, you don't need many breaks!!

The race itself yesterday was a mixed bag of weather that combined made it tougher than usual. The mixture during the Marathon consisted of high humidity, rain, muggy warmth from the sun and a lack of wind. Most runners had dressed according to forecast and got caught out. Including myself.

Saying that I was able to run my own pace, hanging mostly somewhere around the 4 hour pacers, lead by the great Ger Donohue! I started really feeling the warm muggy weather around mile 16 and was able to stay with them until the 30Km (18.75 miles) mark when I decided to let them go and run in at my own pace. Running back into the city at Mile 20-21 gave everybody a bit of lift. I finished the race at my pace and came in at 4HR09. Happy!

BREAKING NEWS: Wednesday Extra Blog on Challenge within Challenge. Doing something I haven't done before. Watch this space!!!!

You can donate to Gorta Self Help Africa via this link:

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