Friday, 1 May 2015

It's a Home Run!!!! 5 out of 12 = Great Limerick Run Marathon time!

'You are taking on too much', 'That can't be good for your body', 'At your age...', 'Your business will suffer...', 'That's going to take up all your energy'.

I was told all these things last year when I mentioned the 12 Marathons in 12 Months. It's May 1st now and I'm ready to take on the Great Limerick Run Marathon as marathon number 5 of the Challenge for Gorta Self Help Africa in 2 days on Sunday at 9am. First though I have 2 full days of work ahead. Because I do run a business. And marathons, and am learning Spanish, and trying to write a book, and setting up a couple of projects, and ............

Trick with time is; as much as you can, do only what you love. Then you won't need a break or television or other escape routes :)

The excitement is different for this one than Connemara or Tralee Marathons or some others I have earmarked for later in the year. Because it's on home soil. And I'm a traveller at heart. I know the Limerick route. I know the colour of the paintwork on the windows of the first house as we'll turn left at the Treaty Stone after 21.5miles. I can smell the trees in the beautiful UL campus.

I know all there is to know. And that safety and security is something that is strange to me. I've learned as a Motivational Coach to embrace and search for change and novelty. Yet there is still much to like about this race. The people of Limerick know how to support sporting endeavours. You'll notice that in their uninhibited vocal support on Sunday.

I am as a result really looking forward to it. As each Marathon is a different challenge, a different race and a different result. And I get to meet with so many familiar faces. The world of serial marathon running is probably less than 500 (personal guess) people so you get to know and meet these wonderfully eccentric people regularly. And I'm hooked. Hooked to distance running because it gives more back than it takes. And hooked on the positive, can do, conquer all attitude of it's regular participants.

Some of these wonderful people are taking on Ballyhoura tomorrow, Limerick on Sunday and Belfast on Monday. That's 3 in 3 days!! Maybe one day, but I'm not there yet :)

Another great thing about the GLR is that it takes place amid the annual fantastic festival that is Riverfest. Limerick really comes alive this weekend and there literally is something for everyone in the audience over the 4 days, from Fashion Shows to Busking competitions, a Giant BBQ, a 4 day Continental market, Sunday fireworks etc etc etc.... Check

So in short all roads (mine is only 3 miles) lead to Limerick this weekend. Good luck to everyone taking part in the 6 Mile, Half Marathon and Full Marathon. Special mention to Roisin Meaney and Eugene Ryan on their Half Marathons, ENJOY! Remember, just run the Mile (or KM) you are in and it's always MILES WITH SMILES!!!

Thank you again to our challenge sponsor Patricia Irwin from Ring O'Roses florists in Kilteragh, Dooradoyle. Patricia is an award winning florist who can meet wedding couples out of business hours to make life that bit easier for them.

You can donate to my challenge for Gorta Self Help Africa on

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