Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Taking it up a notch! If you suppport me!!!!

I saw an ad for sports gear around 12 months ago and the slogan stuck with me:

'Your strong is what you have left when you have used up all your weak'

This one line still affects my way of thinking. My weak is the bridges I am burning behind me, the past, feeling OK playing second fiddle, being a follower, avoiding risk.

Both in running and everything else I do. I am now focussing on being an expert in a couple of fields. I am concentrating on doing these things to the best of my ability. That means living, breathing, eating and sleeping these things. Being strong simply as a result of not accepting second best anymore.

'Your strong is what you have left when you have used up all your weak'

My past in running was one of careful consideration, measured approaches, accepted limitations. I know I am not a fast runner. I know however that if I live and breathe this sport (nutrition, sleep patterns, training etc...); I can run long, and often. Time to break out of the comfort zone.

So here's how this changes the Challenge. While being grateful for nearly reaching €1,500 in donations, I want to collect near €12,000 so this challenge needs to be taken up a notch. So I considered what I can do.

HERE'S what I propose to do.
1- Run 5 Marathons in 8 weeks in June and July! June 1st Cork, June 13th Portumna, June 27th Waterford, July 11th Portarlington, July 25th Courtmacsherry. I have never attempted this before! My last 5 took 17 weeks!
2- Run more than 12 Marathons. I have 16 mapped on my calendar!

This will take up to 20 hours a week in average between training and races and writing blogs so I need YOUR help with the fundraising as I need the other 148 hours every week for other stuff :)

HERE'S what I need from all of YOU:
1- Collect sponsorship cards from me and ask your friends for donations.
2- Share my BLOG and link to My Charity page.
3- Run a Race of any distance anywhere and get sponsored (I have all the materials to email to you.)
4- Run a Race with me and get sponsored.
5- Donate.
6- Organise any event for your Friends, Sports & Social, Club, Organisation etc... If I can I'll come and speak (that's the other thing I'm really good at) :)
7- Become a Business Sponsor or find one. There are 3 packages available.

TOGETHER we will make a huge difference to the quality of life of the women and children that receive support from Gorta Self Help Africa.

Remember: 'Your strong is what you have left when you have used up all your weak'

Donations can be given online at

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