Friday, 22 January 2016

2016 season starts tomorrow!

The journey enters the next intentional step. The #50at50 is part of intentional living where the emphasis is on doing more of what you love on a daily basis until what you love overtakes what you tolerate or don't love.

By doing this for one of my loves, running, I have in the first 3 weeks seamlessly covered 150% of the mileage I did in 2015, which was a record year!

That is simply because of a better food intake, I love food and am finding more ways to incorporate tasty food that is also good for me into my meals. I love running and simply added 1 mile to my short runs and 2 miles to my middle distance runs. This will enable easier longer runs too. I sleep better because of the above. All good just because I do more of what I love most!

And I love travel, so tonight I'm off to Tullamore for an overnight before the first marathon of 2016 and number 34 of my running career tomorrow morning with Marathon Club Ireland in Lilliput Adventure Centre by the gorgeous Lough Ennell in Westmeath.

Looking forward to this, it opens the racing year officially!

Monday race report! Talk to you then!

In the mean time have an intentional weekend!

Miles with Smiles, Patte xxx

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