Monday, 4 January 2016

Running your life!

A good few years ago I had to give up football as I was getting too old, or rather my opponents to young. :) I tried a few other sports unsuccessfully until I decided to pick up running (again). You see I ran Cross Country when I was a tad younger and scored a few medals back then.

To say that I immediately fell in love with running the second time round would be a lie. My first run back was 3/4 mile and I had to walk home (in tears). I was disgusted to have gotten that unfit. So I decided at the time to do Dublin Marathon 8 months later (for charity, big WHY). That decision meant I had to get back running. That was February 2008!

Dublin Marathon
Mercie, Patrick (M)4:11:5345733825 / 660M40-444:13:36Bel
 Dublin Marathon 2008 Result
Almost 8 years later I have completed 33 Marathons and am loving almost every single run I start and even the few I don't love starting I love a couple of miles in.

I also know WHY I run. It clears my head at the end or start of a day and makes me more productive. It gives me peace of mind. It means meeting with like minded people. Which brings joy. It means increased mental and physical health. Which means I contribute more effectively to others. And I absolutely LOVE it. All good reasons to do more. And then more again. And after that; well maybe a little bit more.

It all started with a decision at the end of a very bad experience.

And that's how it works. Find what you love doing, attach a Why to it, then set an intention. Add a direction. Then find a way to live your intention the way you enjoy it most every day! Yes you read that right. Every day. Why would you need a break from something you love doing most?? To do what? Something you love less? Really?

Personally my love for it has led to the intention of running as many days in the year as possible because of all the reasons mentioned above. The direction I have set is #50at50. To go past 50 Marathons before I turn 51 in February 2017. That means 17 races of Marathon distance or longer before then.

The implementation has many facets. I love the morning so I'm tiring myself out every day doing what I love to get to bed at 10.30pm. And get up at 6am. Sleeping rhythms are important.

I love food and I love running so I need to eat food I love to function better as a runner. I asked a Nutrition Coach for advice and am going to go to cookery classes.

I love running so I run a minimum of 6 days a week. It keeps a smile on my face, gives me even more peace of mind and brings joy.

I love travel and my running sees me taking on races all over Ireland and I'm doing both Brussels and Amsterdam Marathons this year and I booked a holiday in Lanzarote in September as it has been great training there in the heat when I was there before.

Summer training camp in Lanzarote :)
I share my running stories because the reasoning behind it can be implemented in most aspects of life and business. And because people have told me that they were inspired by my writing and running and picked up new habits as a result.

It's a win/win for everyone. And that's what life is about. Personal Growth combined with Contribution to others. That's what I am about. In life and in business.

Last weekend that daily routine meant 7.2 miles on Friday, 9.97 miles on Saturday and on Sunday. 27 miles in total. Great start to 2016!

So what do you love doing? Ready to give it a big WHY, set an intention, give it direction and implement daily??

Best of luck and talk soon,

Miles with Smiles, Patte xxx

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