Friday, 15 January 2016

It's flippin' amazing!!!

This intentional living stuff is flippin' amazing.

Find out what you love doing most and start doing it. Find the most enjoyable way to do it and start doing more. Then more again.

That leads you to an intention, in this example: 'I run as much as I can for as long as I can as far as I can as long as I keep enjoying it'. From that intention came a direction: #50at50. This is not set in stone, it is a direction. I overshot all my directions in 2015 :)

When that is done you can go back to the daily enjoyment of doing what you love most in the most enjoyable way to the best of your ability. And you can incorporate other loves if you want.

I love travel so run most of my races away from where I live. I love food so am learning about tasty food that is good for my endurance sport. I love meeting like minded people so I joined Marathon Club Ireland.

That folks is intentional living in a nutshell. And it's flippin' amazing. And you can implement it in every aspect of life.

Yesterday evening was cold and icy yet my love for running got me out with an extra layer, high viz vest, head torch and slower pace. I still managed 8.24 miles. That's 13 runs in 14 days and over 100 miles.

I'm running Seminars on intentional living and the first one is on January 30th in the Absolute in Limerick. Tickets and information here:

Schedule for the weekend is 7.2 miles tonight, 10 miles tomorrow and 16.75 mile loop on Sunday.

Miles with Smiles, Patte xxx

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