Monday, 18 January 2016

Tony Robbins, Pope Francis & Joe Brolly. The search for authenticity continues! + The 100Km week.

I was given an article to read yesterday. It was written by Joe Brolly for the Sunday Independent. It is entitled: 'Who needs a life coach when our teams are full of them?'. If you want to read it here is the link:

Personal likes and dislikes aside (I know a lot of people don't like him) I thought Joe made some very valid points in the article. And then I disagreed firmly with some other points he made. You see, I have my opinions based on my personal life experience and they are valid only to me. That is one of the reasons why a cohesive group is made up of independently thinking individuals who together make the unit a better place to be.

Joe attacked the validity of personal success as it is seen now, against the injustices of this world. 'Victoria Beckham's €17,500 handbag sold out within a few hours of its unveiling. On the day this triumphant announcement was made across front pages, there was a news item tucked away on page seven about the average wage in Malawi falling to under $1 a day.'

Joe also played the individuality card against Robbins. 'Put another way, he appeals to people's deep-seated need to believe in something, mainly the self. In American and UK society, where the individual is everything and God's power has waned, these people are filling the vacuum and getting very rich in the process.'

Funny that. There was a 1000's of people in that room. Hardly individual. All listening to the same words as if they were mantra's. Repeating them in blogs and FB messages for the unfortunates that weren't 'blessed' enough to be there. Hardly individual Joe!

Tony always plays the individuality card. To 1000's at a time using the same message to tell them they all need to do the same things to get success (and wealth). Hardly individual Tony!

It is easy to criticise Joe and Tony. And I'm trying hard not to. They have brilliant individual minds which they use to the best of their ability.

Yet they sound a bit like Pope Francis who is constantly bemoaning the excesses of wealth by a minority without mentioning the Vatican's wealth which according to banker's best guesses stands somewhere between $10 & $15 Billion, inclusive of about 15% of the value of all listed shares on the Italian market. The wealth of the Vatican which in the US alone, is greater than that of the five wealthiest corporations.

To me they are all sound bites. Easy to swallow sound bites. Tony, Joe and the Pope have a lot in common. They talk a good talk and have a lot of listeners. Whether they walk the talk I leave up to you.

I believe I know why it is harder to listen to people who are authentic. Their message isn't aimed at pleasing you. They just share their opinion based on critical thinking. Based on the fact that they question absolutely everything. Now that's individual! And we can individually decide what we take on board. That too is individual.

And we can decide to live intentionally doing what we love most with the sole purpose of helping others. That's individuality making the group a better unit to be in.

And we can define our personal purpose and direction through that individuality. This will make us live differently. Individually. Chasing only our personal happiness and subsequently be more effective sharing our gift with the world making it a better place for others to live in.

Not for money, glory, sold out seminars or Liam McCarthy Cups. Just because it is authentically us. Now that's individuality that serves an evolving society.

But that's just my opinion. Feel free to question it ;)

Miles with Smiles, Patte xxx

P.S.: On the running front my intentional living is paying off big time. Through better food intake, better rest patterns, more and more only doing what I love I have just had my first ever 100 kilometre training week and feel great after. 63.73 miles in 7 training sessions or 102.5 km's. Woohoo!
And I'm helping 1 and hopefully soon more people get ready for the Great Limerick Run. It's going to be a great day!

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