Friday, 10 July 2015

And we're off again!

It's Saturday tomorrow. Every 2nd one of those in June and July means a Marathon weekend! Well weekend! This time around it is a day trip. And again a 1st in many ways.

1st time taking the train up and down the same day for a Marathon. I'll be taking the 6.40am to Dublin tomorrow morning and getting off at Portarlington for the Marathons des Escargots  I am travelling mainly to figure out why they chose that name??????? The marathon starts at 9.30am and all going well I will be taking the 4.05pm back from Portarlington to Limerick Colbert Station in time for a big greasy recovery dinner! :)

1st time running 9 Marathons in 1 Calendar Year!

1st time running a race in Co. Laois!

1st time doing 4 Marathons in 6 weeks! I find it hard to fathom that it is only 6 weeks since Cork City Marathon and I have done Portumna and Waterford since.

Meanwhile I have to say a big thank you to Anne Sheridan from the Limerick Leader for this online article on their website this week:

Next Monday you can read all about the Marathon des Escargots here in a race report.

You can sponsor the 16 Marathons in 12 Months Challenge for at this address:

Miles with Smiles! Dare Greatly!!!!

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