Friday, 3 July 2015

Mid Term Challenge Report + another milestone reached this week!

It's the 3rd of July, we have entered the realms of the second half of 2015. I promise I won't mention the C word as to me it is just another day and to many others it is just the perfect excuse to procrastinate from Mid November to end January.

The real reason I'm mentioning it is that I had earmarked this day to do a Half Term Report.

Good news 1: 8 Marathons done out of 6, that's 2 ahead of schedule as I also ran the reserve races planned in case of injuries.
Good News 2: 2 more planned for July will bring me to 10.
Improvement needed: Thanks to some wonderful work from certain people I have thanked before and will thank again I have reached €1,500 in donations. As I am physically on top of my challenge I will dedicate some more time on this front.
Good News 3: Just had an interview yesterday with Limerick Leader journalist. Hopefully will pop up in edition next week and use that to restart the campaign.
Good News 4: This Blog is great fun and I'm getting great feedback from it so it's here to stay twice weekly.
Improvement needed: I need to get into strength training and better nutrition.
Good News 5: The target of 12 in 12 Months has been reset to 16. I hope to reach the 12 by End September.
Good News 6: I'm doing a tour of the 2 Capitals of my country of birth and country of residence in October. Brussels Marathon 04/10, Dublin Marathon 26/10

Milestone reached: Combining all runs in training and races this year I have gone through the 1,000 mile mark for 2015 this week!!! I'm targeting 2,015 miles for the year!

This weekend I'm running 10K tonight and 9.5 Miles both Saturday and Sunday morning. The next race is in 8 days Saturday morning the 11th with the Marathon des Escargots in Portarlington.

You can donate for the Challenge for Gorta Self Help Africa on:

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