Friday, 31 July 2015

One week later - Courtmacsherry motivates!

Adjectives are easily written. Often enough I have used them to emphasise a point or strengthen a case. Magnificent, horrific, debilitating, ecstatic. Words like these can lose meaning if used too much.

However, when we open our minds enough to live in the moment then moments will come that will alter your way of thinking and have life changing effects.

Courtmacsherry was that string of moments for me. It had been coming for years and I was moving in the direction anyway. To be surrounded by so much positivity in the face of adversity. With so much 'can do' attitude. The pure love, togetherness, joy, happiness and general merriment of being alive in those moments and being able to share that with like minded others has been life changing for me.

I have learned more about purpose and drive from that weekend than I possible could have anywhere else. I too am now unstoppable in every aspect of life I want to be.

Thanks to the Hilliard's from ClonRun, Team Hoyt, Team Kerr and the amazing group of people that are Marathon Club Ireland.

And after my 5 marathons in 8 weeks, which is a new record for me, I am in week 1 of a 5 week break between Marathons. My next race is the Craughwell AC Marathon on the 29th of August, the day before my holidays in Nice, France.

This also means I am back to my regular and very enjoyable training runs. Ran a 10K through the City on Wednesday and Thursday. Might do a 4.5 miler tonight.

Then I heard early this week that Stevey and Larry from were running in Limerick this Saturday and Sunday. Geraldine from MCI is behind this as it is to raise funds for Grace Kenneally who is just 10 and is fighting a rare cancer for the third time. Find out more about her on

The lads are running a Marathon on a 10.5 K loop and you can join them for as many loops as you want for €25 for the charity. So the plan as of this morning is to run the 4 and a bit Miles to the meeting point at UL Arena, do a 10.5K loop with them and run the 4 mile back home. That would roughly make it a 14.5 mile run both Saturday and Sunday. Back to Back 23K runs. Excellent training for an Excellent cause. And an extra step closer to one of my decisions for 2016. Back to Back Marathons.

Courtmacsherry motivation!!

I hope to have a full 6 day training week next week in prep for the Autumn and Winter races, my favourite running seasons ;)

You can donate for the 12 Marathons in 12 months challenge for Gorta Self Help Africa on

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