Friday, 24 July 2015

Attempting Marathon 10 this weekend!

A few years back I heard a stunt expert (name escapes me) being interviewed by a young reporter. As she recounted his multiple career and life threatening injuries doing stunts for movies or for fun, she asked him if he was not afraid to die.

His answer stuck with me to this day. 'Mam', he said, 'Most people I meet spend their entire lives doing everything possible trying not to die too soon. I just live.'

I have been told by well over a hundred well meaning people to take care and take it easy after my recent injury. I really love those people to bits for caring about me and I mean that.

Yet I'm feeling more alive now than I have ever felt. I have discovered 2 passions in life, running and purpose coaching, and I am just on the start line of what I am trying to achieve with both.

Instead of taking it easy, I need to prepare better so I can do more. So I too can 'just live'.

I see this 12 Marathons in 12 months challenge as a journey. A journey that is fun while hard work, a journey with achievements coupled to learning, a journey with lesser moments that inspire and motivate. A journey that might lead to 16 Marathons in 12 months.

As I head to Courtmacsherry, Co. Cork this afternoon to attempt Marathon number 5 in the last 8 weeks, number 10 this year and number 27 on my running journey I have already discovered 5 areas I can improve on in my preparation to do more.

Better Nutrition by going to cookery classes and learning how to make my own food, Better Core Strength by engaging a Personal Trainer, etc etc...

I learned also last week from a quote I was given by a woman I have huge respect for and from whom I learn every time we meet, Verette O'Sullivan. She simply wrote a quote on a piece of paper while waiting for me in a Coffee Shop and handed it to me when I arrived. On it were 7 words: 'Change your Environment to match your Goal'. Verette, I still have the piece of paper and more importantly I am taken action on it. Thanks!!

Always moving forward, relentlessly. Regardless of the pace, relentlessly forward. Just like tomorrow. I have rested and treated the shin splints picked up 2 weeks ago best I could. Tomorrow at 9am I will take the start and complete a 26.2 Mile Marathon at my pace and Achieve or else Learn. And move forward, relentlessly.

Que sera, sera! Whatever will be, will be. We're going to Courtmacsherry! Que sera, sera!

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